Public Safety

PRIORITIES: 1) Funding local law enforcement programs to keep up with growth

2) Collaborate with businesses to make private spaces safer

3) Invest in regional community efforts for youth programs and job training to get young people into vocational and extracurricular activities

For some, Burien no longer feels as safe as it should. Conversations are being held across the city about whether streets can be walked or parks visited. Some have even expressed their desire to no longer live in the city. This all revolves around one specific issue: safety.

As your city councilor, I will work towards ensuring that funding for police services remains strong to tackle property and violent crime. Public safety officers are also the ones interacting and working with individuals going through our criminal justice system on a daily basis. We need to ensure that officers have what they need to help people the best way they can, but also that we as a city provide oversight to ensure that their operations are not endangering or harming those they interact with.

I believe the first responsibility of our society and our government is to help the most vulnerable among us. I support efforts to house our homeless population and rehabilitate those struggling with drug addiction. Safe injection sites are not the answer to accomplish this, and I do not support them. Each of those issues has to be addressed individually. I believe our community centers, educational outlets, and youth development initiatives are crucial for fostering a sense of belonging and communal safety. We must work to empower families, communities, and businesses to help one another before it’s too late.

I want everyone to feel safe in Burien whether that is at home, a night out, or enjoying one of our wonderful public parks. Ensuring public safety requires cooperation between law enforcement and community members. I will serve as a bridge between the citizens and police to prioritize programs that expand efforts to end homelessness through housing availability and end additiction.