Regional Leadership

PRIORITIES: 1) Improve transit options from Burien to downtown Seattle with an express bus

2) Invest in transportation infrastructure to keep people and goods moving in an efficient and safe manner

3) Direct efforts to establish an information sharing program to coordinate homelessness efforts

4) Support the establishment of a Burien Sustainability Plan

Burien deserves an advocate for more support and investment from the county, state, and federal governments. City council must work harder to bring more intergovernmental programs and services to the city. First and foremost, Burien deserves an express bus service to downtown Seattle and faster bus service to Tukwila Light Rail. I will advocate for this immediately during my term.

I will prioritize city spending to services that provide for the entire city. As your city councilor, I will continue to strengthen relationships with organizations to be based in Burien, and build awareness of all that we offer to the surrounding municipalities, specifically in regards to our homeless population. We need to direct homeless individuals and families to services that get them housed and secure. This can happen through a city councilor interested in bridge building and information sharing between government agencies and non-governmental organizations that work tirelessly every day to help homeless people.