Increasing Voter Turnout

The population of Burien 51,671. In the 2019 primary election for city council, 28,392 were registered voters. Only 8,963 voted resulting in a 31.57% voting turnout. In the 2017 city council primary election, there were 27,328 registered voters, of which only 8,555 voted, resulting in a 31.30% voter turnout. Similar to neighboring municipalities, and consistent with national trends, Burien has low voter turnout and registration.

We need to create a climate of civic engagement in the City of Burien that encourages the registered voter population, and to work with county and state partners to increase voter registration as a whole. Democracy requires an active and engaged community. If a small portion of the population continues to vote and determine the outcomes of elections, elected officials are not representing the majority of voter needs.

I will work with county and state partners to improve our voter engagement and increase voter turnout for municipal and state elections by celebrating our nation’s democratic identity, encouraging polling stations for day-of voting, same day voter registration, and automatic voter registration for sixteen and seventeen-year-olds in our city. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to make a voting choice, so let’s make it easier to do so.