Economic Development

PRIORITIES: 1) Fill empty commercial and retail space throughout the city of Burien

2) Continue incentives for local small-medium sized business creation

3) Support efforts to empower employees and raise wages

In many ways, Burien is an enclave of flourishing local businesses. Our downtown core is unique and beautiful, offering a diverse array of restaurants and shops for all to enjoy. The city council should exist to support the growth of local businesses by making the system of business formation to be as easy as possible. As city councilor, I will work to provide the simplest method of business creation available, and additional outreach to individuals that may have trouble getting businesses started.

City government should not hinder the creation of new businesses, but instead, should actively promote business education, establishment, and growth. Local organizations do a wonderful job of bringing the business community together, and I want to continue that spirit through partnerships and workshops on starting and operating businesses. More business in the city will correlate to more money being spent in the city, which, will ultimately lead to greater economic prosperity. That being said, we need to ensure that our hourly wage workers get raises to be able to afford an affordable life in Burien.

Family wage jobs are important to the people of Burien. Supporting business developments to move and grow in Burien cannot be the only goal. We need to embrace Burien’s position as a home to thousands of manufacturing and trade workers from across the economic spectrum. Keeping Burien affordable for family wage workers is a must.

With Seattle rapidly becoming a place where a family wage job requires a six-figure-income, I want to keep Burien a place where everyone across the economic spectrum can afford to live and sustain a healthy economic lifestyle. That means supporting more home construction and availability, providing resources and support to both renters and property owners to create a better relationship with the ultimate goal of reducing prices and offering more housing options. We can do this by working collaboratively with the planning commission to identify key areas of development along transportation and multi-use corridors.